Roots Music According to Justin Johnson: Comprehensive Reference of Scales & Chords for 3-String & 4-String Guitar

Every guitarist sees something different when they pick up their instrument.  Just like with spoken words, the language they speak through their music is greatly dictated by the extent of their vocabulary.  Through his extensive recording and performing experience with 3- & 4-String guitar, Justin Johnson has developed an extensive arsenal of patterns, chords shapes, scale forms, and concepts that constitute his personal "vocabulary" on these instruments.  

This 90 page book is Justin's personal roadmap to the 3-string and 4-string guitar, and is an invaluable reference for songwriting, improvisation, developing a strong chord vocabulary, learning how to associate chords with scales, and mastering the fretboard.  It's also the perfect size to fit into a guitar case or gig bag, and it's spiral binding allows the pages to easily stay open for easy reference.  

Scales & Chords REFERENCE Book • Sized for your Gig Bag!! 
Complete Roadmap for 3-String & 4-String Guitar
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Roots Music According to Justin Johnson