Roots Music According to Justin Johnson

How To Build a One-String Diddley Bow
Roots Music According to
Justin Johnson: 
One-String Diddley Bow

The One-String Diddley Bow is the Godfather of all stringed instruments, and is the ​​ultimate personal trainer for aspiring guitarists. It is no coincidence that this simple, single-stringed guitar was the first instrument ever played by Blues Pioneers like Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, Elmore James, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, and, of course, Bo Diddley.  This DVD will teach you guitar in the same way these legends learned, using musical examples from several of these iconic musicians.  


Chapter 1
•Introduction to the One-String Diddley Bow
•How to Hold The Diddley Bow
•What String To Use
•Fretted vs. Fretless
•Guitar vs. Lap Style Diddley Bow
Chapter 2
•“The Bo Diddley Beat”
•How to Hold the Pick
•Strumming Techniques
•Left-Hand Muting
Chapter 3
•“In the Style of Muddy Waters”
•Slide Guitar Playing
•How to Choose a Slide
•How to Hold a Slide
•Vibrato Technique
Chapter 4
•Scales on the Diddley Bow
•Major Scale
•Major Pentatonic Scale
•Minor Scale
•Minor Pentatonic Scale
Chapter 5
•“Blues in the Style of Elmore James’ Dust My Broom”
•Blues Slide Technique 
• Blues Riff Vocabulary
Chapter 6
•Helpful Resources
Chapter 7
•Closing Credits

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