Roots Music According to Justin Johnson: Slide Technique for
6-String Guitar In Standard Tuning

“Standard Tuning” is the most popular and versatile tuning for the conventional 6-string acoustic or electric guitar. The large majority of Blues, Rock, and Popular Music is written and performed in standard tuning. It is, however, more challenging to play Slide Guitar in standard tuning. This DVD unlocks the secrets to seamlessly weaving classic slide riffs into standard tuning.  This lesson set covers classic open chord riffs in standard tuning, complete songs, accompaniment riffs, rhythm riffs, slide technique, single-string melody playing, right- and left-hand muting, and much more.



•Getting Started with the Guitar Slide
•Standard Tuning
•How to Hold the Guitar
•Slide Guitar Basics 
•Controlling the Slide
•Playing In Tune
12-Bar Blues Rhythm Riffs
•Right-Hand Muting
•Chord Fragments for Slide in Standard Tuning
Single String Sliding 
•Introduction to Scales
•Creating Vocal Slide Guitar Lines
Blues in The Style of Duane Allman
•Blues Lead Guitar
•Blues Inflection for Slide Guitar
•Left-Hand Anchoring
Blues in the Style of Elmore James
•Chord Fragment Soloing
•Slide Guitar Vibrato
•Mimicking Open Tunings in Standard Tuning
•Left-Hand Muting 

Video Excerpt from DVD
Roots Music According to Justin Johnson