Roots Music According to Justin Johnson

Video Excerpt from DVD
Roots Music According to
​Justin Johnson: 
3-String Guitar: Second Edition

The 3-string guitar is the quintessential DIY guitar design, and the perfect instrument for players who want to pick up a guitar and start playing songs right away.  This DVD is a comprehensive introduction to the 3-String guitar, covering tuning, picking techniques, and reading & playing chord progressions.  It also offers an introduction to slide guitar techniques, which you can pursue in more depth through my available DVDs devoted to slide guitar.  This Second Edition is expanded to include guitar tablature for every song and a “Quick Reference Chord Chart” for easy reference during practice.  Enjoy the 3-String journey!  



​Chapter 1 
•Opening Credits
Chapter 2 
•Intro to the 3-String
•How to Hold the 3-String
Chapter 3 
•Flatpicking vs. Fingerpicking
•How to Hold the Guitar Pick
Chapter 4 
•Play Anything with One Finger
•Simplifying Chords
Chapter 5 
•“House of the Rising Sun” One-Finger Arrangement
•Tips to Barring Chords
Chapter 6 
•“House of the Rising Sun” ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Arrangement
•Adding Dynamics & Vibrato
Chapter 7
•“Amazing Grace” Chord/Melody Arrangement
•Pull-Off Technique
•Adding Harmonics
Chapter 8
•“You Gotta Move” 
•Slide Guitar
•Slide Vibrato
•Palm Muting
•Rhythm/Lead Fingerpicking