Roots Music According to Justin Johnson

Instructional Collection:
Complete Collection of Instructional DVDs, Book, & Signature Products!

•Gig-Bag-Sized Book- "Comprehensive Reference of Scales & Chords for the

3-String & 4-String Guitar"
•"3-String Guitar" Instructional DVD
•"One-String Diddley Bow" Instructional DVD
​•"Slide Technique for the 4-String & 6-String Guitar" Instructional DVD
•"Slide Technique for 6-String Guitar in Standard Tuning" Instructional DVD
​•"Slide Technique for the 3-String Guitar" Instructional DVD
•Justin Johnson Signature Guitar Slide
•Justin Johnson Signature Lap Steel Tone Bar
•Justin Johnson Signature Series Guitar Pick Set in Custom Tin​


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